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Attending Shareholder Meetings


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Hi All,


I really enjoyed Nate's post on attending shareholder meetings, especially small, sparsely attended ones.  I imagine for most, and definitely for me, there would be a ton to learn, as well as good opportunities from meeting new people. 


My problem is-I don't really have the time to find meetings in my town.  So, does anyone know of any meetings in Atlanta that they think would be worthwhile to attend?


Feel free to post any meetings in any other cities that someone else might want to attend as well.





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Sorry may be a dumb question but no harm in asking... do you have to be a shareholder to attend shareholder meetings?


Depends on the company.  I usually email the CEO/CFO and ask.  Sometimes yes, other times no.


If you want experience attending annual meetings here's a great avenue.  Open a few small accounts at mutually owned banks.  You are now a shareholder at the bank.  The bank will have an annual meeting that you're allowed to attend.  This can be a great time to ask questions of management.


In Atlanta I'd try to attend the CZBS annual meeting, it's probably right around the corner.  If you go to OTCMarkets.com and run a screener for your state you'll get a list of all the small companies.  I'd say 85% of listed companies per state are small banks, you'll probably be attending a few bank meetings.

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