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Guest glavacem

Hello all,


I have been reading messages on this board for a while, and I thought it time I officially say hello. 


I hold a healthy amount of Fairfax stock(and some debt) . I plan on holding this position for a long time, hopefully forever.


The discussions on late are very interesting. I must say that I enjoy the back and forth that goes on. I am very impressed with how professional everyone is on this board. Most Internet message boards do not share this quality.


I own Fairfax shares yet I do not fully understand the insurance business Fairfax operates in. I know this is not prudent, and I made a lot of my decision to buy the stock on the trust I have placed in management.  I would like to reach out to the board and ask if anyone has any resources they could point me to... so that I can learn more about these insurance operations.


Thanks guys.



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