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Any contributors to Seeking Alpha?


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Hey all:


Does anybody here have any experience as a contributor to Seeking Alpha?


They have asked me several times to become a contributor and will pay for my articles.


I focus mainly on nano and small cap stocks, so I am not sure how much interest there would be in them over at SA.


I also saw that they pay $10 for every 1,000 hits.  It just does not seem worth the effort to write articles for the pay.  If you want exposure, that might be OK...or maybe the notoriety...but not so much the financial remuneration.


Anybody have any thoughts on this?

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I've written a few articles, although it's never been for the money. I like the feedback I get, although you must separate the wheat (fundamental investors who know more than you do about the subject at hand) from the chaff (day traders and other trolls). Also, I don't have my own blog set up, so it's a great forum to make you clearly articulate your arguments in a concise manner.


Honestly, I feel like the quality of the articles and comments have declined substantially over the last year. I don't spend much time on SA these days.

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I've written a few, it's only really worth it moneywise if your article gets selected as 'Alpha Rich' which pays a flat $500.


I've had an article accepted as 'Small cap insight' which is designed for small cap stocks that dont get much views, and that paid a flat $150.


Most of the time I just submit articles I have written for my blog anyway, if it doesn't get accepted for a flat payment then I just post it on my blog.

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