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Another company Buffett recently invested in is BYD, the Chinese battery giant that has released an electric vehicle with a range of 250 miles. Reiten met with BYD executives while in China with Gov. Ted Kulongoski on a trade mission, and those discussions have led to a compelling new collaboration Reiten calls "potentially a game- changer," with super-efficient batteries storing the extra electricity while the wind is humming or the sun is beating down, to transmit it through the system at a later time when it is needed.


"BYD is the No. 1 cell phone battery manufacturing company in the world," says Reiten. "They have staked their company on being the best in terms of batteries and we think there are utility applications."


The partnership could develop into something exciting. Then again, it could flop. Either way, there will be no quick fix to the challenges Reiten and PacifiCorp face. As he lays out his strategy Reiten has a lot to say about a lot of things, but he doesn't say much about coal, which is PacifiCorp's greatest asset and its greatest liability.



Link: http://www.pennenergy.com/index/articles/newsdisplay/s-134213713.html

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