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Off topic: Engineering and Art


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Two recommendations:


1)  On Feb. 12, NOVA/PBS will air "Great Cathedral Mystery" about Brunelleschi and the building of the "Il Duomo" in 15th century Florence.  I've read a book on this...fascinating story.  National Geographic had an article this month introducing the subject and mentioning the upcoming NOVA.


2)  Today, "Tim's Vermeer" is released.  This is a documentary about a former software guy's obsession with how Vermeer might have painted.  It is going to be cool.  Includes Penn Jillette and directed by Teller.


      L.A Times yesterday: "'Tim's Vermeer' takes an engineer's approach to painting"          http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/culture/la-et-cm-tims-vermeer-penn-and-teller-20140129,0,2717643.story#axzz2s0cPAyqu


    WSJ also had an article yesterday. For non subscribers, google: A Magical Tour of 'Vermeer' Mystery


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