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Mildly off topic: seeking investors to test a company discussion tool

Guest brooklynvestor

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I am a value investor in my off hours, and a designer who is developing a tool for thoughtful investors (it's especially geared to a value investing approach). The tool supports different ways of discussing information about public companies.


I am looking for non-technical people, who are not in a position to compete with the product, to view a prototype with me in a screen share and then provide feedback. Please go here for more information:



I am aware that this post may be considered spam. If so, I understand that it may need to be removed. I have not had luck recruiting people using online ads.


I am offering a $25 Amazon gift card for eligible participants who can take 45 minutes to review the prototype and comment.


I am a user experience designer in New York. As an investor I've been happily watching my Blackberry position take off recently. Then again, I'm short CRM (going back almost three years) and am amazed at what Mr. Market is saying about it.

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@zarley No, that's someone else. I remember seeing a couple of posts some time ago but I believe the similar screen name is a coincidence (I too am a Brooklyn investor!).

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