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Time to Consolidate?


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The thread about Tract Britt got me thinking about Berkshire and its sprawling list of smaller subsidiaries.  I think its great that Buffett has someone like Tracy around that he can trust to deal with the problems at the smaller companies such as Larson Juhl.  Its equally smart to have her be the chairman at several subsidiaries as well and have the operating managers report to her instead of Buffett.


I think, maybe, its time Buffettt take it a step further and start consolidating the subs.  I don't mean to say the companies themselves consolidate but here's an example of what I was thinking:


What if VF Corp buys Coach.

Then Berkshire buys VF Corp.

Then fold Fruit of the Loom, Brooks and Justin brands under the umbrella of VF Corp.

Have the Chairman of VF Corp run the whole thing and report to Tracy.


Like I said, it was just a crazy thought I had this morning.


(By the way, in the spirit of full disclosure, I picked up some Coach shares today)


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