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  1. (Hopefully I haven't missed a thread elsewhere on the topic) There are many examples of incredible companies that have achieved long term, sustainable success through what some would call "scale economics shared", i.e., a relentless drive to give back to the customer via lower prices and better service as the business scales. Think Costco, Amazon, Southwest Airlines, GEICO, Progressive. I am trying to assemble a list of these companies and was looking to the forum for any additional insight they could provide. I am particularly interested in hearing about relatively young companies whose founders/leaders are pursuing a similar strategy - for example a very small company that is starting out on this path is Majestic Wines (WINE LN - will be called Naked Wines in a few weeks).
  2. Thanks all for these good suggestions. I’ve found some interesting managers out of this. Does anyone have any good suggestions for any solid rookie investors in the U.K. or Europe?
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