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  1. Yea and I just dont get it that he took so much risk with Chesapeake and even took margin loan just to buy more CHK stock.. Reading that part kind of reminded me of Mike Pearson of Valeant who also borrowed against his VRX holdings even though he didn't use the proceeds to buy more stock I guess.
  2. Finished this book today. I'm not familiar with energy sector at all and have never invested in oil/gas companies so reading this book gave me some very good insight. I got the same feeling as well that these guys are pretty much gamblers and there is a significant risk of these companies getting bust. I especially enjoyed the parts about Aubrey McClendon and Tom Ward, as I didn't know anything about them before this book. Although reading this book confirmed me that investing in O&G companies isn't my thing, it will be interesting to see what happens with some of the companies portrayed in this book going forward.
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