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  1. All, I have been wondering if there is any better way to sharpen my thinking based on probability. Is there any book recommendation? Most of the books I found on the internet is too academic and difficult to apply in investing (the data/numbers already exists etc). Thank you in advance, RD
  2. Thank you, Packer. If you look at Japanese companies (big ones at least), there are many of them declaring the improvement in governance with the new CEO. Too bad, most of the cases they are promoted internally in the companies with bad culture in the first place. I have been looking at TIA as related to this but, considering the similarity b/w Europe and Japan, I think bringing outsiders (Genish, not to mention Elliot) would be encouraging. Thanks again, RD
  3. Hi Packer, I noticed you own several companies with governance issues. Are there any good readings or case studies from which I can learn about the success/failure of corporate governance restructuring? TIA RD
  4. I made a reservation under K Smith with 4ppl at Hill Country (30 West 26th St) for 6:30pm tomorrow. Looking forward to it! Best, RD
  5. I will be happy to join if Wed evening works. Best, RD
  6. Hi Packer, I just finished reading Maritime Economics, which you recommended at MOI Summit 2017. Are there any books you recommend for other industries? Best, RD
  7. Hi Packer, Currently working on TSQ, and I was wondering how you think about the obsolescence risk for radio/TSQ? I don't think >10year old cars will be able to become WiFi ready overnight but I think the general perception is that traditional radio will be taken over by steaming. I know you are well aware of obsolescence risk for the companies you own so I was wondering how you think about this one. Also, is there any moat on the business other than local monopoly? Thanks, RD
  8. Does anybody has a March issue of Value Investor Insight, highlighting Adam Wyden of ADW capital? Thanks, RD
  9. Thank you. Looking forward to it! RD
  10. I will be there at 7pm today! Just to make sure, that's the one at 30 W 26th St b/w 5th and 6th ave? RD
  11. I cannot miss this time. I'm fine with any of these 3 days. Thanks.
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