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  1. I think there is a lot to be said for assuming that adults can make their own decisions vs. many traditional definitions on this topic - although there are a lot of cases/examples that give me pause with this boundary as well. But I tend to agree that companies which harm their customers without real knowledgeable consent are especially problematic. I'd be curious if anyone has thoughts on the geographic part of the question. This may not come up for a lot of people but are there geographies that you would not feel comfortable investing in for a definable reason (apart from legal reasons)?
  2. I presume people on this board have been asked from time to time whether they invest ethically. I'd be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on where they would draw their lines on investment ethics. If anyone has an all encompassing acid test - that'd be interesting - but in the absence of that - I'd be curious to hear from anyone: What industry/business is just barely acceptable to invest in? Which one is barely unacceptable? What would be the criteria for that decision? Same question for geography: which country would be barely OK vs. just over the line? In both cases - this would be for a passive shareholding in a publicly traded company. You feel the investment is potentially stellar but not life changing. Your investment would not meaningfully change the businesses cost of capital. Appreciate anyone's thoughts on the topic
  3. I'd be down. The 9th would be better though...
  4. Alright - see everyone tomorrow at 4:30
  5. Think thats a quorum. Same place/time as before? Location: Napa Valley Grille Address: 1100 Glendon Ave Los Angeles 90024 Time: 4:30PM
  6. Nov 2 good for me. How do other ppl feel?
  7. Traveling later in the week but could do Monday the 9th
  8. Anyone interested to do another one of these on either May 30 or 31 at one of the usual spots?
  9. Either 11/30 or 12/6 sound good to me
  10. Is there interest in making this happen? If so - how would the 24th or 25th work as dates?
  11. I'd be in - presume the big La Cienega location?
  12. My bad - meant Wed the 31st (but either one fine with me) Good point on timing and location - how about 4:30pm on Wednesday the 31st at Napa Valley Grill?
  13. How would people feel about Wednesday the 30th at 8 in Westwood (Fresh Corn Grill on Westwood Blvd)? I'm flexible on date/time/location
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