Stephane Gagnon

POSTED: 07-01-2020

Looking for an Equity Analyst Job

Looking to join a team of investors that strive at achieving superior results (beat the benchmark) while always having in mind capital preservation (avoid permanent loss).

Skills and personal profile:

  • Good work ethic driven by passion about investing
  • 10 years experience in the stock market managing personal portfolio
  • Dedicated in finding securities trading at significant discount to Intrinsic Value
  • Ability to make fundamental analysis (qualitative and quantitative, scuttlebutt research) and produce written reports (presentation, financial modeling)
  • CFA Level II exam completed
  • Willing to relocate

Please use this link for full resume.

Tarn Crowe

aka glider3834

POSTED: 07-01-2020
+61 488 699119

Investment Management – Business Partner – Sydney

Hi fellow BRK/Fairfax board members!

I am looking for an investment management partner in Sydney, who shares my passion for international value investing, to start an investment management business. If you have investment management experience of five years or more that would be fantastic, but it is not essential! You may have also previously worked in chartered accounting or investment banking.

By way of background I have been successfully managing funds for myself, friends & family for the last 10 years and my qualifications include RG146 qualification , Dip Fin Services & BComm/BLaw degree. I am a Director in a  recruitment business and own a Private Investment Company.

My heroes are Ben Graham, Prem Watsa, Warren Buffett, Peter Cundill, Bruce Berkowitz, Peter Lynch to name but a few!!!

I am looking for someone who shares my philosophy for buying “40 cent dollars”, someone who enjoys digging into company financials and finding deep value bargains around the world.

If you are interested in having a chat & a coffee if you are in Sydney,  please call me.


POSTED: 07-01-2020

Investment Management – Seeking Analyst Position – India / US

  • Outstanding analytical and problem solving capabilities
  • Tireless work ethic and strong organizational capabilities
  • Work well under pressure in fast paced and stressful situations
  • Genuine team player; committed to organizational success
  • Effective communicator, both oral and written

I am interested in pursuing a career of allocating capital intelligently, taking low risk and entrepreneurial attitude towards investments and businesses.  I enjoy thinking about businesses and bringing in new business oriented partners together for better prospects.


  • Portfolio Manager for a small value-oriented partnership – Arlington, VA
  • Majority Investor in a quality bakery & confectionary business – Madurai, India
  • Software quality assurance analysts at Towers Watson – Arlington, VA
  • Quality assurance lead for offshore testers for America Online – Dulles, VA
  • Quality assurance analyst for America Online – Columbus, OH

Please contact for full resume.