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My Steak N Shake experiences


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Hi everyone,


First post on the new board but was a longtime member of the old board.  :)


I've had the opportunity to eat at Steak N Shake twice in the last month. The first time was in Kokomo Indiana at midnight. I had to go to the drive thru since the restaurant was jam packed. I ordered a double cheeseburger, large diet Coke (the size was MASSIVE), and a large sundae. Great meal! The burger was hot, fresh, and very tasty!


The second time I ate there was 3 weeks later when coming back from Ohio I stopped at the location in Erie PA. This time I was able to snag a seat inside. The restaurant like the one in Indiana was packed! I ended up having a double cheeseburger, fries, and large milkshake. I was again impressed with my meal, the incredible milkshake and very, very reasonable price.


Based on my experiences there, the high quality of food, the friendly service, and the impressive management team I decided to become a shareholder!  ;D


Now if only Steak N Shake could open a few locations in the Greater Toronto area I would be a very happy man!



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