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A bubble in Ammunition


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The author keeps referring to "bullets", but he isn't.  He is referring to cartridges.


You can purchase bullets here:





They are in stock and there is absolutely no shortage on bullets.


EDIT:  Anyhow, Walmart being sold out on ammo is not a new story.  This has been going on since 2008/2009 (around the time Obama was elected).  I had a hard time finding .357 Magnum ammo at the Walmart near my old home.  That was in the summer of 2010.  They were almost always sold out, so the manager at the ammo counter took my name and called me when the next shipment arrived.  I was there in 10 minutes.  Otherwise, you'd have to order online which was doable but lengthy to wait for the shipment.


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Wow, okay, the shortage is far worse now.


CheaperThatDirt.com is completely sold out of all 38 special, all 357 Magnum.  Most metallic cartridge ammunition.  Same with MidwayUSA.com.


That really is amazing.


I haven't been shooting since I arrived in California and things have become far worse.


In Washington State I had a reloading press.  I'd purchase new brass, bullets, primers, propellant, and roll my own ammo.  That was both, fun, educational, very dangerous, and easy to go shooting without worrying about shortages.



But I found some ammo to prepare for the apocalypse.  It's in stock!!!




This one is really going to hurt, but it's "only" a double rubber ball:




This is in stock -- the real thing (buckshot):



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