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SCP.TO - Sprott Resource Corp

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First time I've seen the CEO speak publicly.  I think Sprott as an organization has gone right off the deep end with respect to Gold/Silver and the end of paper money etc....


But you can't argue with the fact they got in front of this ten years ago.


And you also can't argue that they are doing a great job at Sprott Resource by spotting opportunities in the private sector and eventually taking them public.


I'm hoping for a nice correction in the share price to provide another good entry point.

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SCP has done a lot of things right since inception.  Taking BVPS as of Q3 and doing adjustment for major positions (as well as provisions for fees / taxes), I arrive at a NAV of 4.57 (a bit more than the current quote).  This implies a 23%+ compounding rate since 2007.  It will also start paying a dividend this month.


Considering the track record and the solidity of the balance sheet, it is hard to say this is not worth (a lot more) than book.

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