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western sizzlin channel check


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dont know how reliable this is but it more or less dovetails with the weak trends seen in wests last 10Q for their 3rd qtr:


"Over the past week, we surveyed 30 Western Sizzlin locations across the United States to track sales trends of and business levels in March. We asked the following questions



What is the most popular menu item?


What is the price of those items?


Average bill for a party of two?


Do you offer carry out service? Is it growing in popularity?


Is this location busier than last month?


Is this a new location?



23% said the Rib-Eye steak was the most popular menu item. 17% said that Steak and Shrimp were the most popular. 13% said chopped sirloin special while another 13% said the buffet was the most popular.


The average bill for a party of two, including drinks, appetizers, etc. was $54.33 across this survey.


90% of locations report they do offer carry out service. 10% said they do not. 66% of locations report that carry out is growing in popularity.


53% of respondents report that there location is NOT busier than last month, while 47% report that it is busier. NOTE: Negative responses should be weighted more heavily be readers of these surveys.


100% of the locations we contacted had been open more than one year (or were considered “not new”) according to our respondents.


Conclusion of Channel Check: Business levels appear to be headed slightly downwards for Western Sizzlin in March. Carry out service does seem to be growing in popularity although not every location offers it. The average bill metric does not convey meaning now, but will as we run subsequent surveys on Western Sizzlin."




unfortunately the western sizzlin restuarants are in the casual dinning category that has been among the hardest hit in this recession, & the franchised units are under performing the co owned ones. only their fledgling wood grill buffet concept looks strong enough to thrive in this envirement right now, & even then it may be too early to tell for sure. in any case i dont know if west can open new franchised wood grill buffets faster than the combination of sales declines & closures we've been experiencing of late with the sizzlins.



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