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Crimean War by Orlando-Figes


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After having finished reading Robert Massie's massive work on Peter the Great, I took a break and read short ones: Feathermen, a not so clear if it is real story about the aftermat of an SAS operation in Oman, and Psychology of Money, I am now back to my Russian studies. I started reading this book on the Crimean War, another world against Russia story. A major conflict that defined an entire generation. A war that brought hints of how future wars may look like. 


I will skip Robert Massie's work on Catherine the Great for now, and come back to it after Crimean War, eventhough the chronological order is in reverse.

That said, I also bought the recently written work of Lawrence Freedman: Command: The Politics of Military Operations from Korea to Ukraine.

Will be reading this in parallel.


The Crimean War: A History: Figes, Orlando: 9781250002525: Books - Amazon.ca

Command: The Politics of Military Operations from Korea to Ukraine: Freedman, Lawrence: 9780197540671: Books - Amazon.ca


Below are few snapshot from the introduction of the book, now doesn't that (specially the first snapshot) sound familiar and can it not apply to 2022-23


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