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Curious if anyone has looked at PKE. 

PKE is a provider of composite materials, mainly around engines for military, biz jet and commercial aircraft.  Given that the company is tied to OEM production, the pandemic was painful.  PKE's largest program is the A320 and Airbus cut production during 2020, a decline which was amplified by inventory cuts throughout the supply chain.  However, we are past the end of the downturn and Airbus has announced an increase in A320 production and PKE EBITDA is expected to almost double in the coming FY.  

PKE is a good business with ~25% ROIC next year and strong growth path for the next few years (EBITDA high 20s+ a couple of years out).  

Also has ~$6 per share of net cash which they could put towards an accretive acquisition.

Does anyone have thoughts on this one?

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Not really. Looks like a somewhat above average business at a somewhat below average price, but I have no strong opinion about the company. Just wanted to say that a fellow board member wrote a couple of nice blog posts about this name in case you hadn't seen them yet:



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