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034310.KQ - Nice Holdings

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Its been suggested that Nice Holdings deserves its own thread in addition to the existing thread on Nice I & T. I quite agree, so here it is. 

Nothing spectacularly new to post except perhaps that the 2020 financial statements are on the IR website. One thing that caught my attention is the increasing holdco debt now at about KRW 130 Bn (all financial liabilities + pensions, net of cash and financial assets at FV) up from KRW 76 Bn a year ago. Ratio between current assets and short term funding continues to worsen a bit as well. Optimistic take is that they are investing in successful projects and we should see further results of these investments soon as the magnitude suggest they are getting sizable. The negative interpretation is that they are setting themselves up for a cash crunch if things don't turn out as planned. Anyway not super worried as they have some means to generate liquidity if needed, but something to keep an eye on in my view.  

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