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Li Lu's China Holdings

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Looking for more info regarding Li Lu's holdings in China. I don't expect to find much aside from the usual BYD mentions, but I find it interesting that he was once (or maybe still is) a holder of CRRC -- a Chinese state-owned and publicly traded rolling stock manufacturer (trains). CRRC has manufactured metro cars for major US cities, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles. They're involved with freight, passenger transport, bullet trains, the whole shebang. And their revenues abroad are experiencing growth every year. I believe they're the world's largest train manufacturer in terms of revenue and the share price has only recently recovered from rock bottom. 

The stock has been on a steady decline since March 2019. I wonder if Li Lu has a long position...

Here's a 2017 write up on Seeking Alpha: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4072173-crrc-corp-monopoly-in-growing-railway-market

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Li Lu owns a little bit over 6% of Postal Savings Bank of China. If you go to Ownership in the TIKR Terminal page above you will find his position.

Also, in a recent interview he spoke about the great positioning of Chinese banking for the future

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