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STCN - Steel Connect Inc

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Hey everyone,


Just read this seeking alpha article and was interested to hear thoughts. Looks like a potential 100%+ return in the next few months if Houlian can help the company unlock the value and/or SPLP agrees to buy the company at a price attractive to current activist shareholders. Definitely a very special situation.




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I have done a lot of research into this and I think it is a very possible outcome that $SPLP purchases $STCN for no under $4-$5 share, if not $6. By the financial analysis, the stock is worth $8-$10 over the next few years, but obviously, $SPLP will not be paying that much.

I am thinking of buying long-term call options on $STCN. The upside is many multiples my investment and the downside can be virtually 0% with a hedge using puts.

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