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Fairfax 2021

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On 5/14/2021 at 11:19 AM, Xerxes said:

13F Q1

An increase on Atlas ? maybe exercising some warrants

FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD/ CAN Top 13F Holdings (whalewisdom.com)

Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd Can Top Holdings 13F Filings (holdingschannel.com)

I find it interesting that you can neither see Exxon nor Bank of America in the list, yet those two name make it to the conference call and letter to the shareholder. Is that some sort of Marketing on some insignificant position.


Any hope of us getting out of the BB commons any time soon? Prem is always reaming on FANG for their high P/E's, but BB hasn't had positive earnings in years and makes FANG look like a basket of dirt cheap deep value stocks

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No hope. It's dormant call option with shareholder patience as its only expiry 🙂

Interesting you mentioned the FANGs. Unrelated to BB and going back to the discussion about the bond portfolio and talks about inflation (temporary or otherwise), it occurs to me at no point in the past 4-5 years have I heard FFH management talk about the impact of deflationary forces unleashed by the rise of the Big Tech' network. It would be more fruitful for them to focus more on that (if they are not already*) as means to try to counter their permanent-inflation-is-overdue thesis as oppose to talk about FANG's lofty valuations, which if i read Globe & Mail article correctly, not so lofty given that Canadian Pacific and CN are making bids at similar earning multiples.  

I say if they are not already, just because I don't know.

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23 hours ago, Xerxes said:

No hope. It's dormant call option with shareholder patience as its only expiry 🙂

Permanently out of the money 🙂

How silly to round-trip on BB and be unable to sell.  Who could have possibly foreseen this?!  

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