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I wanted to do a more comprehensive overview of WeCommerce, but considering it went up 100% in three days, the forum may not get a chance to get in.


What made me pull the trigger? It's a SPAC focused on buying Shopify partners. Andrew Wilkinson is a Canadian and based on what I see and being a customer at some point with many of his companies - I thought I could make a ~5% position. He's anti-empire building and I think he's a rational individual building a company at the age of 20 - MetaLabs and bootstrapping to become a design agency juggernaut.


In my eyes, it's a flywheel. Acquire a Shopify partner with a huge runway, the stock goes up because people get excited on the news, and they tap the equity markets when they are "overvalued" to do more deals. The stock goes down when the thesis is broken or what they acquire is broken - what are the chances of that? Slim IMO.


Am I purchasing more? Not yet - not in the habit of purchasing IPOs but if it does drawdown, then I would be happy to get in again.

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