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XPER - Xperi Holding Corp

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This business is a combination of former Tessera (IP portfolio) and DTS Inc (audio technology for home and auto) which recently merged with TiVo (formerly known as Rovi). Essentially a portfolio of technology they sell into home and auto products and a fairly large IP portfolio (patent troll?).


After the TiVo merger they setup the business as 2 "independent" companies (product and IP) with the intention of ultimately spinning them off.


Until then, they'll likely use the tons of cash they generate to pay down debt and buy back stock... Following the merger this is a $12 stock (down significantly over nearly all time periods) x 110m shares = ~$1.3bn market cap. Add another $800m or so in net debt = $2.1bn EV... Management forecasts from the merger proxy call for a trough of $336m or so in 2021 EBITDA or 6.25x EBITDA... FCF anticipated to be $200m+ per year (15% FCF yield).


So you have a cash generator, a potential spin-off with unknown timing, and insiders buying across the board lately...

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