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ONLINE Meeting - Value Investors Meetup - Sep 12 4pm EST

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Our last online meeting worked pretty well; looking forward to our next meeting in Sep.

Link to RSVP below; open to all interested investors around the world.


Here's the tentative agenda for this meetup:


1. Autodesk Pitch - Nick (20min + Q&A)

2. Roku Pitch - Walter (20min + Q&A)

3. Awaiting volunteers to pitch; please reach out with topics ASAP

4. ...




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Thanks for the meetup. The presentations were great.


One comment: I liked that presenters gave in depth presentations that took ~1hr each. I would not like to force people who want to present for 1hr to fit into 20 minutes. OTOH though, it would be nice to ask presenters how much time they will take and somewhat hold them (and participants) accountable to that. It is fine if presenter says 50 minutes + 10 minutes of questions. But if they say 20 minutes, then it should be 20 minutes and not 1hr+. Otherwise this hurts presenters who go afterwards and it hurts attendees who cannot stay for 2.5hrs... Just IMO.  8)


Edit: If you have to err, IMO you should err on presenter taking (much) more time than they said and allocate accordingly. So if presenter says "20 minutes" allocate at least 40 minutes. If it goes shorter than that, you can always fill with current news/whatever. Again JMO.

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