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Smart Eye Wearables


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I don't see a relevant thread on the subject so made one. Over the past year or so this market is beginning to make rapid strides and the ecosystem is starting to develop fast. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook are all working on it as are a slew of private companies. It's the next major undertapped/untapped real estate on the human body. Apple may launch a product in 2020. B2B and B2C applications are both increasing rapidly and somewhat quietly. Some of them have their own app stores with one having more than 100 applications in there and approaching 9 figure B2B revenues. I was particularly struck by how useful it is in B2B settings: Telecom, Retail, Medicine, Translation, Security, Military, Sports etc sectors are all working with various companies to advance the ecosystem (you can find lots of videos on social media/YT). Some of the relevant companies are in the listed space, some private and some who are a mix of the two. I don't know if the eye wearables space is in 2006 Smartphone stage yet or 2000. But the next wave is not too far off, I suspect. And it may be significant.


Looking for papers, reports, opinions, ideas about this space. So please share.

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"Back in early 2017, Robert Scoble said an anonymous Carl Zeiss employee told him the company was working with Apple on a light pair of augmented reality smartglasses. Carl Zeiss experiments on lenses for augmented reality, so if this is true it's likely that's where Apple's lenses could come from."


"In terms of the glass itself, that will likely come from Corning, a big Apple supplier. Corning actually patented something called a Wide Field Display in late 2018, which is used for AR and enables a field of view between 40 and 70 degrees. A good number of AR glasses sport a field of view of 45 degrees, so that's not too bad, but it could be better."






I Googled "Vinyard Capital Corp" thinking it might provide more info & found nothing.




Combining AirPods & iGlasses, Apple could own our heads.

For me, the AirPods are unfortunately still inferior to the Bose SoundSport.


Incorporating AirPod technology into the iGlasses would eliminate one

of my complaints (2 tiny gadgets which can easily be lost).


Add an Apple watch into the mix & who needs a handset?

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