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CMCSA - Comcast Corporation

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I can't imagine Comcast is looking to acquire more content assets. They would much more likely be a seller.  They have done a great job with NBC but thats because they got it relatively cheap (the only bigger value destroyer than T at this was GE).  Everyone from the markets, to investors (see Elliott's comments this morning) to the analysts seem to agree that there is no synergistic logic to putting the content together with the pipe.  Robert's will be hugely pressured to explain why he's keeping NBCU when everyone else is moving in the other direction to create value. 

Comcast should sell NBCU and merge with Verizon. 

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2 hours ago, vince said:

CorpRaider, if you look at the transaction you will see that Malone created the deal with that in mind.  I don't see how Comcast can disrupt it....the deal does not require a vote from T and the Disc vote is controlled by the deal creator.  I can see the smile on Malone's face imagining Robert's realization that the deal is bulletproof.....specifically for Robert's gun.  

Oh yeah no shareholder vote, but if they came in with a higher offer it would probably gum things up.  Seems likely Elliott and others would insist it was considered or else they would threaten to sue board into oblivion.  Probably $T already floated/shopped it a bit.  There were reports about a potential NBCU + WB combo weeks ago.

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