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EDGW - Edgewater


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Alithya and Edgewater recently announced a merger. Edgewater shareholders will be paid a special dividend of $20.5 million, which is close to a 28% dividend at current prices, and received 42% of the new Alithya. Alithya is a privately held consulting firm with annual revenue of $156M and $7.3M in Adj. EBITDA, revenue CAGR at 26.9% in the past year. Edgewater has $104M annual revenue and $11.8M adj. business unit EBITDA (don't know what this means).


Piggybacking off a VIC analysis, if adj. EBITDA is a good proxy for FCF and this kind of business is worth 10x adj. EBITDA, EDGW would be a good deal at this price. However, the stock has dropped since the announcement, so I'm probably missing something, I don't know. The special dividend takes away a lot of the risk, so I'm thinking of buying here. Ancora Advisors, 10% owner, is voting in favor, and so are insiders that hold ~16%, so it seems likely the merger will go through.


presentation: http://ir.edgewater.com/static-files/cfbc691d-e37e-40d7-a5f1-2bad303314a1

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