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Sitestar Annual meeting - Meet-up


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Like last year, myself and others want to set up a dinner for people in town for the meeting to gather.


We are planning to have this dinner on Sat May 19th, after the meeting.  Please fill out the website below so we can get a sense of numbers and choose a suitable place.




Last year was a lot of fun, and a great group of people gathered.  I expect the same thing this year too.

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There will be an event on saturday after the meeting, but also there will be a meet-up/dinner on the friday evening for those who arrive early.  Please let me know if you want to attend on the friday night.  When I get a sense of numbers I will pick an appropriate place.


See you in Phoenix.

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We picked a location.  We will meet at The Vig - Fillmore (606 N. 4TH AVE PHOENIX, AZ 85003, downtown location) anytime after 7pm this friday.  People will be flying in a different times, so drop-in when you can.


The reservation is under Tim and we will be on the outside patio.


Looking forward to seeing you all in Phoenix!



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