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YY^X Toronto Value | April 24, 2018


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Since the Fairfax event matures into an ever larger event every year, there is less and less time to re-connect with our old acquaintances and also have an allotment to make new connections.  More importantly for analysts, less time to share ideas like years ago when a few came in early to sit in the back of Joe Badaldi's restaurant for hours, or until the staff kicked us out.


Three years ago, a few of us organized a small event to talk/pitch value investing opportunities around the globe.  This was not to recreate the Joe Badaldi's back room or duplicate the good work at the ValueX events (though could not resist the (YYX) Toronto Pearson airport code connection), but instead a meeting time for idea sharing and disconfirming challenges from a small group of attendees. 


Hence and for folks that will be in Toronto early for the Fairfax activities, we have again scheduled this event prior to the Ben Graham dinner.  The format is similar to a TED type talk with a less than 10 minute idea presentation (hard stop), followed by a brief Q&A from the group. 


If interested, please Private Message (PM) me with some brief background info if you want to pitch an idea or just play the constructive devil’s advocate role (max of 30).


YY x Toronto Value

Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Time: Doors open at 10:45 AM —  11:00AM to 3:00 PM

Location: Near Union Station (TBD)

Registration: Required


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