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ARGO.L - Argo Group Limited


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Recent posting from alpha vulture on this:



And earlier Nate wrote an article:



Market cap is 7.39 million

NCAV is 23 million

Cash 9 million

Sharebuyback for 2 million pounds which will be something like 25% of shares outstanding


I don't know how to buy this stock. Tried IB and could not find it.

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Looks like i) given the rapid decline in AUM the value of the asset management business is probably close to 0, and ii) their strategy now is basically to slowly buy in all of the outstanding shares using the cash? If both of those are true I'm not sure why people objected to the first share repurchase. If they buy in all the remaining shares you're left with a bit of cash and the stub investments in the funds, which if they're valued correctly would be a pretty good return.


Interesting scenario. Thanks for posting.

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