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Western Sizzlin 3rd Q Report!


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Anyone who is wondering what Sardar can do with a great franchise like Steak'n Shake, only has to look at what he's done with Western Sizzlin!  Jim Verney and Robyn Mabe did alot of the heavy lifting before Sardar really took over, but he's really singularly focused every aspect of this company on profitability and return on invested capital.




Western's operating income from their restaurant business, which really was a pretty ragged franchise five years ago, is making about $2.2M now annually!  Combine that with WEST's investment businesses (Western LP & Mustang Capital), and you've got a business that can probably generate $3.2-3.5M in operating income annually.  Imagine what he's going to do with a business generating $30-35M in operating income annually?  Cheers!

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