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Feedback: YYx Toronto Value 2016


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Congrats to James East for starting up the new event!  I think it worked pretty well.


A big thanks to David McLean from ROMC for providing the space.  It was very much appreciated.  Be sure to check out his new mutual fund which is about to hit the market.  (His hedge fund has some fine performance numbers.) 


I had a fun time hearing about all sorts of stocks that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot poll.  ;)

But seriously, thanks to all of the presenters for sharing their ideas and hard work!


There are a few things we'll try to improve next year. 


1. Avoid the technical snafu with the computer/projector combo.  (Entirely our fault.) 


2. We'll also probably use a stop watch for timing.  While the timing worked out ok this year (apart from the last 2 speakers who were a little rushed - sorry!), there may be more people presenting next year.



There is the possibility that we may be able to tape the presentations next year and post them online.  But it would be a voluntary "opt in" affair.  No presenter would be forced to do so!  Let me know your thoughts on the issue.


Naturally, feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.



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