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ETE - Energy Transfer Equity


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I own some WMB and also a lot of ETP. I think the cash component has to be changed too all stock, the credit markets are not accomodating for MLPs right now. If the cash component gets eliminated, I am pretty sure that the exchange ratio needs to be improved for WMB shareholders.


If the credit markets and equity markets remain effectively closed, I would take all the growth projections with a large grain of salt.

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Not sure I would want to invest with K. Warren:





Got pencil whipped by Meister and Co. (and Cravath)?  It happens....so try and negotiate a liquidated damages figure don't hide behind some BS and issue some super secret preferential preferred.  I think they might deserve to get Glasscocked (of course I'm biased; long WMB).


(Also, perhaps an inopportune time to terminate the CFO and then fight over his severance package, hmm?)

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