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Boston Area Meetup - September 19th 2015 in Burlington


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Please join us on September 19th at 12pm at Tuscan Kitchen (link below) in Burlington for some great conversation.


Topic #1: Look at the companies that were in the top 10 on the Fortune 500 twenty years ago (1995).  Why did the ones on top stay there?; Why did the ones fall off falter? What can we learn from this? Can we also learn some lessons from where the ones on top today came from?


Topic #2: General investment discussion.  Strategy, approach, critical feedback from group members. 


Bring your energy, intelligence, curiosity, and critical thinking to this meeting that is sure to be fun.  The food is good too!


***As little or as much preparation that you want to do is fine.  There will be no judgment and no standard.  Just a group of people looking to learn from one another in a collegial environment. 


Tuscan Kitchen, Burlington, MA: http://www.tuscan-kitchen.com/


Fortune 500 list by year: http://archive.fortune.com/magazines/fortune/fortune500_archive/full/1995/


***Please let me know if you will definitely make it so I can reserve the right number of seats. 


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