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Elton is distributer of industrial chemicals based in Greece.  At the recent price of 0.91€ it trades for 7 times 2013 EPS and 60% of book value.  In addition, sales and earnings have been on an upward trend over the last 8 years.


ROE for 2013 was about 8%.  The debt to equity ratio was 39% not offsetting the company’s small cash balance.


Share counts have been stable over the last 8 years.  Executive pay seems reasonable and the company doesn’t issue stock options.  Inventory and receivable balances have been relatively stable as a percentage of sales, while investment in plant and equipment has decreased as a percentage of sales contributing to an upward trend in ROIC.


I think it’s worth about book value.


The company trades on the Athens Stock Exchange and publishes annual reports in English on their website: http://www.elton.gr/Content.php?ContentID=25&Year=2014&Type=CompanyFinance.  I’m attaching a copy of my worksheet which includes an 8 year earnings history and summarized balance sheet info.


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