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Barron's - Steak'n Shake CEO's $2.4 Million Buy


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Barron's has an article on Sardar, Steak'n Shake and his recent buy. 




On another note, one of our partners wanted to buy some underperforming Steak'n Shake restaurants as a lease buyback through a consortium of investors he's involved with.  I put him in touch with Steak'n Shake and he spoke to their franchise manager. 


Our partner told us they have no restaurants they want to part with...company-owned or franchised.  I'm guessing the assets for sale are assets they want to get rid of period, but they seem to think that their existing stores (franchised or company-owned) seem to all be completely viable in their own hands. 


In other words, I wouldn't look to see many more store closings, but more likely expansion of the business.  Pretty amazing!  I would also expect this quarter's traffic numbers to be on par with last quarter or better. 


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