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RTI - RTI International Metals


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ok, so i have no clue if this is a good investment or not. it's way out of my circle of competence.


i have been looking for something that benefits from the boom in more energy-efficient aeroplanes etc. growth's going to keep on going for a few years it seems.


RTI is a bit like Precision Castparts, but not as liked. it's hated because of bad performance (business- and stock-wise). they make titanium mill products and engineered products for aero, medical and oil&gas industries. it's selling at 1*sales, while PCP is at 4*sales. i'm not saying it should go to 4 times revenue, but if they get the margins right, it might be 1,5-2 times.


this is a super small position for me as i have no idea if i'm missing something (and it's not just the restructuring/change of strategy that's been hindering profits). also, it's somewhat commodity business'ish  ;D i have no idea if they are actually building a moat by acquiring these component manufacturers.


the other worry i have, is they seem to be filling all the top positions with women  :D they seem competent and all that, but it just makes me think if they value gender more than actual skills.


i would love to hear any comments on this! i'm sure there's somebody on the board who knows more about titanium and the business than the average joe(me). it's not talked much on the internet or elsewhere. most of the articles/analysis i have found are from years back.

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