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COL - Rockwell Collins, Inc.

Guest hellsten

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Guest hellsten

Found this interesting company when looking at ValueAct's portfolio:

Rockwell Collins, Inc. is a large United States-based international company headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, primarily providing avionics and information technology systems and services to governmental agencies and aircraft manufacturers.

~ Wikipedia


I don't have any special insights, but thought I would throw it out here so I remember to follow the company.


I think Rockwell Collins is interesting because from 2004 the company has seen:

* share count decrease from 180 to 137 million

* ROIC 18-36%

* ROE 30-45%




I also like the concentrated owners:

* Valueact Capital Management

* Llenroc Capital LLC (GARP investors: http://www.llenroccap.com/investment_philosophy.html)




Markets and products include unmanned drones, and other interesting areas like:

* Air

* Business Aviation

* Commercial Transport

* Fighters & Bombers

* Missiles & Munitions

* Rotary Wing

* Simulation Air

* Tanker Transport

* Unmanned Air (Drones)


* Surface

* Fixed Site

* Ground Vehicles

* Man Portable

* Maritime

* Missiles and Munitions-surface

* Public Safety

* Simulation Surface


* Integrated Applications

* Lifecycle Support

* Precision Manufacturing

* Range Instrumentation

* Space




Oakmark thinks management's capital allocation is shareholder friendly:


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