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SNS/WEST $8.11 debentures - Will they be publicly traded?


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There was some talk about asking Sardar about an all-stock option instead of the debentures. Has anyone heard anything more on this?





my guess, & i emphasize guess, is that the all-stock option is & remains only talk. sns is probably trading at a far enough price below intrinsic val that sardar wouldnt consider issuing new sns stock here...unless it was thru a rights offering in which he personally planned to partcipate in order to maintain his pro-rata ownership percentage constant. by setting a stock exchange ratio between west & sns he would be showing more of his hand vis a vis valuation, both relative & by extension absolute, than he wishes to reveal.


again, this is only speculation on my part.


in the meantime it looks like insiders (mustang 2 & lion fund) are continuing their buys & solidifying their ownership.


and, since when has there been a mustang 2 fund?

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