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  1. I do wonder how much illegal immigration one political side would allow if we ran a balanced budget.
  2. Not to sound too much like a sadist but isn't this blood beautiful! Go, go, go!
  3. The dude lost his mind. Why value his thoughts on this topic?
  4. I'm pretty confident that a nation of "manly men" would fairly easily defeat a nation of effeminate men. The promotion of effeminate men in the West is highly irrational.
  5. Genius to 10 year returns of averaging .63% annual on WHOSX. Craaaaazy! As side the expense ratio is .66% so at least WHOSX is working out for one party.
  6. Did they do any improvements or anything?
  7. To one man an action is "immoral". To another, that man is intolerant and a bigot because of his views of said actions. Perhaps you do believe in moral truths then, Sanj?
  8. That's true. The 3% (or 4%) withdrawal rate is typically based on a generic 60% stock 40% bond portfolio.
  9. I see that you're learning from your Pabrai experience, Eric!
  10. Why's that? It's a social disorder. It's not an emotional disorder. I mean you don't think saying we would have hyperinflation and comparing the US to Weimer Germany would fall into that category?
  11. As Greg said, if you are worried about margin calls, you don't have enough. The general rule of thumb is 4% of a portfolio value can be withdrawn per year (upped for inflation) and last at least 30 years. If you are younger, 3% is a safer number. I believe there is research that (based on historical returns) that a 3% withdrawal rate would never run out - even for 50 or 60 year retirements. I think there was one country that had a .5% withdrawal rate to not run out...ouch. In general, I would say have 2-3 years worth of expenses set aside and then do the 3%-4% withdrawal depending on age. That might be overkill but it's better to shoot for safety than going back to work at 70 (in my opinion).
  12. Here's my 2 cents (3 now with inflation?) on Burry: He is one of the elite money managers. He's one of the very few guys I actually pay attention too. He's an original thinker and doesn't mindlessly bellow out Buffett quotes. However, I think he's too overdramatic (he is human after all). I think his overdramatic nature is what allows him to hit those crazy rare but huge trades but it also sets him up for things like "index funds are a stock market bubble" or comparing the current inflation to Weimar Germany. I mean, if someone would have told you in 2006 what 2008 would look like, you would say they are crazy and overdramatic too. It's his Achilles' heel and his superpower all in one.
  13. Thanks for the clarification, Sanj. Yeah a 70% drawdown just seems like something I would have remembered.
  14. Where did you hear that? I find that hard to believe. Are you thinking of Pabrai??
  15. Hasn't he always traded like that though? He uses charts to a large degree.
  16. They can be but he still sold out of almost everything.
  17. Burry is taking his bearishness to a new level. All holdings from last quarter were sold. Has one holding that's new of which is a very small position.
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