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  1. Hasn't he always traded like that though? He uses charts to a large degree.
  2. They can be but he still sold out of almost everything.
  3. Burry is taking his bearishness to a new level. All holdings from last quarter were sold. Has one holding that's new of which is a very small position.
  4. Hmmm, I don't know if I buy that. How many people then move from China to the US and back to China? Or India to the US back to India? My wife is Indian. I know at least one person that talked about moving back to India. She went back for a visit and...decided against it. How many do you know that have moved to India or China from the US or Canada?
  5. Bill, with the "Inflation Reduction Act" aiming to decrease inflation, do you think it'll have the opposite effect? I believe you said high taxes actually increases inflation?
  6. Spek is correct here. If what Sanj is saying were true, you would see a lot of migration from the US to China and India. I see the opposite of that.
  7. In my opinion if the US ever lost the reserve currency, I think the US would be in big, big trouble.
  8. Yes, sorry. I try to post in the middle of nap time for a 3 month old! So what I'm trying to understand is how the surplus and deficits related to the market from a long term perspective (ie relationship to those changes and underlying market performance). In the past I believe you said you stated a surplus caused the 2000 bear market. When did surplus become a deficit? Any relation to that and the bottom of the market in 2002? If that doesn't make sense let me know...she's crying again!
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't commissions compressed a little?
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